Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Bang Bazaar!

Today, me and my family went to the Big Bang Bazaar! It's arranged by Ateneo. Huhuhu :'( Loljoke forever bitter. =)) My mom was in a generous mood, thank god. Hahaha! I got some hella good and cute things. Hihihi. Free, guiltless shopping. Mmm. :>

Haul Post:

A DIY CRAFT KIT: Sew your own doll!
I wanted the Matryoshka doll but they ran out. :( So I just got the owl. Will work on it soon and I will update you guys about my progress. I suck in DIY. HAHAHA.

Best buy of the day! It totally screams me in it! And I thought they only sold this in Heima (which is quiet pricey) I'm so glad I got this. 3 other people got the Keep Calm and Carry On boards though. Boo. :(

This Cute bag! :)
I totally needed a new bag. Totally.

A Boater!
I've been looking for one for ages. Gaaahd.

A cute headwrap!
Aaahh I know I'll be wearing this alot. :)

My siblings will be leaving tomorrow. I'm so sad. :( Here are pictures of us. Mmm.

I'll forever miss our late nights marathoning modern family, or just simply staying up late together. I now realized how lonely I am without them at night when I can't sleep. :( So sad. I crai.

Hope you all had a good day.
Later lovelies! <3

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