Monday, May 2, 2011

Cheap Thrills

So today, my Summer Garage Sale happened. And I must say, it was a BIG SUCCESS! I would like to thank my TEAM GARAGE SALE! :D This event wouldn't be possible if it weren't for your help guys! I hope you guys had fun selling and hopefully, made some moolah. :> I know i did. OHOHO.

I made around 4.5K but I had to give half away to Miggy since I still owed him money. THAT WAS THE HARDEST THING TO DO. GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY (THAT YOU WORKED HELLA HARD FOR) TO SOMEONE ELSE. :( Ang sakit sa puso. Hahaha.

I want to also thank the friends who dropped by to show support for my Garage Sale. It was fun spending time with you guys. :D Heee. Thank you Lao, Kevin, Miggy and Santi! Much appreciated! >:D<

I have zero pictures from today. Heehee, sorreh. I feel so fulfilled to have arranged an event like this. Proud ara is proud. :') Hopefully it would be BIGGER and BETTER! (thats what she said) the next time! I'm planning one soon, just you wait. :>

Anyways, I had so much fun! I remember going in and people went all batshit crazy and swarmed all over my stuff and started getting things non-stop. I think some of my items were even stolen. :O It was SO INTENSE, good lord. I couldn't keep track of everything and everyone for the first few minutes.

It eased out after awhile. Mostly, drivers and maids flooded the place. HELL, THOSE LADIES KNOW HOW TO HAGGLE ALRIGHT. :| Grabeeee. The things I was planning to sell for like a hundred, end up like 50 or less. Bull. :| But it's okay. I needed to get rid of my things anyway, lol. That lady who bought all my books and mangas was THE BEST CUSTOMER EVER. AAAHHH. She gave me 1200 for everything. I felt like hugging her and jumping out of sheer happiness. :') HAHAHA.
I also got to buy 2 things today: Ellie's Top (HAHA) and a CSA Skirt turned bow made by Bianca. :D

As for the stuff that weren't sold, I will be donating them to charity (Caritas) and the books will go to Booksale or something, lol.

Afterwards, I went straight to the bookstore to finally purchase How to be an Explorer of the World since I saw it the other day, and i've been dying to have it. THEN BULLSHIT! I GET THERE, AND THE SALES PEOPLE TELL ME SOME BITCH GOT IT YESTERDAY.
So I ended up buying the STATUS issue this month with Yoko Ono gracing the cover. I heard it's a really good issue! :) Also, I made sure to order the book and had it reserved. >:)

But the bigger news is, TODAY I RECEIVED MY SLR.

Hello world, meet my baby. I've still yet to name it. :) Teehee.

My camera says Hello! French. Sosyal siya eh. May sexy french accent. HAHAHA.

Let me show off now. Hahaha.
Yes I now have an SLR which makes me a LEGIT photographer. :> LULJK.

I'm almost done downloading Photoshop. I can't wait to learn how to use the SLR settings well to get the best shot, edit and post process better using Photoshop and GODDAMN I WILL MAKE THE BEST DAMN PICTURES EVER. Must work on my ~skillz~ I have alot to learn. @-)

It's late now.
I miss my siblings.
No one to stay with me throughout the night anymore. Huhuhu.

Later dears. <3


  1. congrats on the new cam. Take care of it and if you ever need any advice on how to use it, id be glad to help :) remember, AUTO is the enemy!

  2. yes please! I need how to use an SLR 101. Haha. Model for meeee! :D

  3. Bonjour is french, silly! I think Italian is like Bon Giorno or something like that. You're so lucky, i swear. When I saw you with your SLR i was like "WAT. Slr and 5k in one day?!?"

    Thanks for planning the garage sale, Ara <3

  4. WAT :| OH YEAH,
    I totally blacked out AHAHAHA JO OH MY GOD FAAAIL
    No wonder, they sounded alike!! :| Ffffuu

    Dont worry, its just a late grad + birthday gift. Haha. I hope you can model for me sometime. :>