Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photos from my Travels

I've pretty much spent this whole summer complaining about how much I want to travel, go out there to see the world but my break's nearing an end and I am itching for one last getaway. I looked through old pictures of my travels on my Multiply and only got to appreciate now the pictures I took.

These pictures were captured Circa 2008 by my 13 year old amateur/noob self using a 5 megapixel point and shoot camera, so forgive me. Hahaha. Although, I may have edited it to make it look Pop-Arty. Haha. I still do hope you see the beauty of the place, through these pictures. Unfortunately, The Venetian pictures are not included because they weren't saved. :'(

I used to travel alot as a kid but throughout the years, I guess we stopped. :/ I've only traveled to two countries outside the Philippines: Thailand and Hong Kong (twice). I'm hoping these won't be the last countries outside that I'll be getting to travel to. The top 4 on my MUST see list is: Rio De Janeiro, Santorini, Venice and New York City.

I also traveled around the Philippines before, going from one beach to another. I loved the roadtrips, culture, sights, and everything. I'm kinda bummed our China trip never pushed through back in 2nd year, because of some really nasty traveling agent. D:< /random fyi

okay tl;dr
i'll marathon glee now
and wait for the sun to come up, just like any other day
morning lovelies!


  1. "An alley. Another alley." lol

    Visit me in two years. I'll tour you guys around Canada.