Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleepover at Nichie's!

they didn't know it was on continuous shots so faaaail. Hahaha.

so on the 'rapture day' itself, me and the girls had a sleepover at nichie's. what a way to spend our 'last day' together! Hahaha. well, i wouldn't have it any other way. :)

i barely have any pictures because we were all too lazy. we watched movies all day. @-) Hahaha. So much for our photoshoot. :| Faaaail. We freaked the shit out of each other by telling ghost stories and watching hella creepy shit. :| thank you so much guys, rly. :| we also spent the night pigging out on Mcdo, playing jack stones (on our 'last day', ftw cool kids Hahaha), scaring koi fishes, playing with kerbie (whom i've missed so much!), making a whirlpool and water/blood/bubble bending HAHAHA we're so retarded, i love it. our humor is so shallow but i love how we all get along, even after a year. its as if nothing has changed. :D

It was some good bonding, it's been a long whileeee. I missed being with all of them! Gahd, I almost forgot how it feels to be a girl without them, jesus. =)))) Thank you for confirming my gender. Hahaha. I've been one of the boys for too long now, lol.

anyhoo, here are pictures (in their raw form)

we all left so early in the morning, it was blinding :| such a beautiful sunday morning. i thanked the lord that we were all alive. :) it was the perfect day to go to the beach!! sigh, my dream of having one last getaway before college starts is probably never going to happen :( i cant believe college life starts on wednesday, it all still feels pretty surreal to me @-)

i can't wait for our next hang out together girls! i really miss all of us together. :) thank you for the wonderful weekend.

later lovelies!

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