Sunday, May 22, 2011

the summer that should have been

i had high hopes for summer 2011 seeing that it's the summer before college starts
but my bucket list still remains unfulfilled and i'm down to my last 2 days before college starts
how sad. here are some things i would've wanted to do:
  1. Go to Bora with friends. Seriously. It's the ultimate after graduation experience. Days at the beach and long nights. What else could a senior ask for?
  2. Go on a roadtrip to Vigan. I've always yearned to see this place. I really miss traveling around the Philippines and seeing the beauty each place brings. Vigan looks like a lovely place, and it would be nice to know the culture there and see a historical city unfold before my eyes.
  3. Explore Manila. I may have explored a bit of it this summer, but I'd like to get to know Manila more. I want to go to Binondo/Chinatown, see the churches, have food trips, see historical sites etc.
  4. Take my friends to Hamilo Coast! Aaaahhh. It's too bad we didn't get to. :/
  5. Finally have 'THE Roadtrip' with my bros. Which unfortunately didn't push through at the last minute. :(
  6. Have an ultimate shopping spree/day at the spa with the girls.
  7. Have a campfire with friends, singing songs and having deep conversations. HOW LOVELY IS THAAAAT.
  8. Go stargazing on a mountain/beach.
  9. Stay up all night to watch the sunrise (The time I did in Anvaya was faaaaail.)
  10. Intern for a magazine -which never happened but I'm on my way! Applying for Stache!
  11. Team for Teen Camp... which never happened. How depressing. 2 years in a rooooow. :(
but even if this list was never done, it's still okay because I believe that I did everything in my power to make this summer a good one. and it was! 7 weeks may be pretty short for a vacation but i'm proud to say it was productive! at least I was able to cross off some things in my bucket list for this summer:
  1. Learn how to bake/cook 3 meals. :D
  2. Spend time with my siblings. :)
  3. go to the beach with friends
  4. go on a road trip with friends
  5. help out during the antioch weekend
  6. Marathon TV shows and movies
  7. go on a sleepover with the girls!
  8. get my hair colored
  9. Party Hahaha
  10. have photoshoots!
  11. go to bazaars and markets
  12. go shopping!!
And a lot more.
I am thankful for this summer. :)
But i'm not ready for college just yet. :(

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