Friday, June 24, 2011

drunken karaoke night

despite typhoon falcon happening, i decided to push through with my plan of having drunken karaoke night. Dude, I feel like 'the blitz' because I keep on missing out on my bros' drunken karaoke nights with Miggy as the star. HAHAHA. So much for that.

We had dinner in Chili's.
YES I FUCKING DO. My face it's so.... derp. HAHAHA.

I got in for FREE(!!!!) thanks to my awesome planner. :> I didn't have to pay 500 HAHAHA.

Birthday drinks. They didn't have my birthday drink though. :c
Stephen said the first round was on him. Thank you!!!
...and more rounds. Hahaha. Thank you for treating me out guys. I didn't have to pay for my drinks BWAHAHA. >:)
Singing with the very talented lao. :>
...On the floor. :| =)) I think this was after hitting my head on the speakers. So much for wanting to be a diva. HAHAHAH.

thank you Stephen, Kevin and Lao for making it. :D
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. ;)

I wasn't wasted or anything though. Maybe a bit tipsy/hit. Well, that was what I was aiming for anyway. HAHAHA. I just know that everything and everyone was spinning spinning spinning and I was dizzy dizzy dizzy lalalalalalala. I swear, I was singing such sawi songs. HAHAHAHA.

DLSU @ 100!

The one day I am proud to be a LaSallian. HAHAHA.
DLSU celebrated its' 100 years last June 16.
Us, the froshies (the centennial batch), had to learn 'Live it Up' for a 'flash mob'
My block was selected to be one of the blocks to dance in Unang Hirit!
WHHOOOOO EXPOSURE. HAHAHA. It was so much fun. We were all there by 5AM and we danced til' 8am. FUN FUN FUN. HAHAHAHA. I enjoyed it.

Candid. Me being emo in a corner. HAHAHA.
Pinagtripan pa talaga ako. Badtrip. Hahaha.
Presh's feather earrings!!!! I was supposed to buy them asdkshdkasjhd!!!
Chilling in Ian's dorm. FUNNEST PART OF THE DAY. =))) We were all cramped in her bed, had a power nap, singing our hearts out to the most RANDOM songs, soundtriiiiip!! and playing truth or dare. FUNNIEST. SHIT. EVER. Dude, SUPER LAUGHTRIP. =)))))
We found this poor little kitty in Agno. D'awww! Gelo is very caring. :))

I am ashamed because I have no ~legit~ DLSU shirt.... yet.
Dan is a taft guy because he wears green. =))
With Renz, Winnie the Pooh/President of da world!! Hahahahaha

Monday, June 13, 2011

the night i kept revelry on repeat.

I've been drawing/painting lately. Of course that only means one thing: I have too much free time on my hands. I can't keep an idle mind so I decided to be productive instead. Here are some artworks from the past few days:

I couldn't sleep. So I waited for sleep to come.
So much for a city skyline... fail.
I've been listening to The Weepies alot lately. I love this song. Their songs are like my mood~ what.
There is a light that never goes out has been stuck in my head too lately.
I tried drawing roses. I fail. I also tore some graphing paper to make this.
and of course, my masterpiece. I swear I probably listened to Revelry throughout the whole night.

Did I mention that drawing/painting while blasting on music is calming? I need to do it more often.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

attempt in drawing

I haven't been drawing for the loooooooongest time but seeing Melissa Bailey's illustrations just inspired me so much. @-) I seriously have to brush on my drawing. I can't be stuck drawing anime forever. :| As much as possible, I want to change my style of drawing. I'm trying (note the word TRYING) to practice 'realism' now. Well, ish. =)))

Anyway, this has been my attempt so far.
I also enjoyed taking pictures of inanimate objects. HAHAHA.
Aaahh, I love how I can manage to edit pictures even without photoshop. :))

Also, today I was bored during Critical Thinking class so....=))
The scanner didn't do justice to my drawing, k. :| like for the 'day' part of my drawing it was colored neon yellow! and in my opinion my drawings actually look better
I've yet to work on body proportions tho :\