Saturday, May 7, 2011

summer skin: magazine set

These are the pictures edited to sort of look like they were formatted for a magazine, just for fun. Hahaha. I know, I'm bored. =))))
I've always wanted to work for a magazine, just so you guys know.
I've been collecting them since god knows when.
magazines have always inspired me. @-)

my dream is to be a creative director ;) -lol for now. =))))
but that's where i'm headed forward to, because I know that it has always been my passion, ever since i was a little kid heehee

lyrics stolen from california girls by katy perry
it doesn't exactly fit the pictures since andy's not in a bikini on the beach or whatever, but eh, i had mind block HAHA

also, the pictures here are poorly saturated :( seriously lacking some bright colors there. blogspot makes the quality of my pictures crappy :(
not to worry though, i posted the full resolution and high quality pictures on my facebook

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