Saturday, May 28, 2011

frosh's first week.

it's been a busy 4 days of college life! i am exhausted, and i only have one day to rest so I shall blog about how my experience has been so far.
  1. Saturday Classes - TGIF does not exist anymore because of this. Heck, why should I even look forward to 'the weekend' if it only lasts a day? Hay. :/
  2. Noriter - Me and my blockmates' tambayan. Hahaha. Such a cute place!
  3. My blockmates - are fun! I love spending time with them. I'm never alone. Hahaha. Bonding for the past 4 days has been so much fun. They made me feel welcome and at home easily. :)
  4. My Profs - are nice and cool! No terror teacher, well, maybe my creative writing teacher would be an exception to that. She has a british accent though. Hahaha. But she intimidates me in a way.
  5. I want to be a Dean's Lister this sem. I have no math subject so NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. HAHAHAHA.
  6. I got forms for the Green Media group and I want to apply for coverage, AV Production and Creatives Pool but the requirements are so hassle, omg. Like, example I have to be interviewed then I have to show them that I can load film and attach the lens of a camera in seven seconds. Whuuuut. Meh.
  7. Speaking of orgs, I was thinking twice about joining InnerSoul/DLSU Chorale. Aaahh. But I dunno, I crack under pressure. I don't want to sing to impress, you know? So tempted though. I love singing and performing but having to commit to it? Uh, no. I heard practices are ~intense~ and I am not willing to sacrifice my social life for it. Hahaha. But fuck man. :/
  8. I HATE YOU FOREVER BR. ANDREW GONZALEZ HALL. YOU WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. Like, fuckin' a man, the past 4 days, I've climbed 40+ flights of stairs because the elevator is always crowded. OMG NEVER AGAIN. I hate this. I feel like passing out everytime and I'm always late for class because of those goddamn stairs. I will lose weight with those stairs dood. :|
  9. I've bumped into so many people those past 4 days! It was hella fun because I got to bond with friends from different places! Like, Antioch people, former batchmates, friends from camp, outside and whatnot.
  10. FRESHMAN FIFTEEN IS POSSIBLE. I've been eating out for the past 4 days and it is just the start of my 'supersize me' series, I swear. I do not want to get fat. I want to lose weight. Gdaaaaamn. How is that even possible in Taft, full of nice places to eat in. :( I crai.
  11. Commuting is a bitch, and it's been draining me. I'm exhausted everytime I come home now but I'm still thankful that God keeps me safe.
  12. If there's a rush hour in the afternoon/night, trust me there's rush hour in the morning too. I hate taking the train because all the ladies push each other and it's like so fucking impossible to get out of that train.
So basically, college is a whole new exciting world. But fuck this I want my weekends baaaaack. Lord help me survive, i'm swamped with shit to do in ONE DAY. I shall cram tomorrow.
later lovelies!

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