Monday, May 9, 2011

monster hospital

I will always hate hospitals.
I think that it is the most depressing place in the world.
The mere sight of it just... sickens me. :|
But today, I had to make an exception since I wanted to visit Gab.
He has dengue. :(

Quite a little adventure going there. I'd have to get used to commuting around Manila since i will be spending the next 3 years of my college life in Taft. I really need to know my way around Manila. Another city to conquer. ;) It was easy getting there, actually. Google mapped it the other night, and then i already knew my way. one jeep, one mrt ride and one lrt ride that drops me off exactly at the place.

I stayed in for around 6 hours but there was never a dull moment, quite surprisingly. :o
you'd think i'd be bored, but I enjoyed taking care of Gab. Hahaha.
Although I really hate seeing the IV and the injections. Scary stuff. :(
I really hope he gets better soon.

I bought him flubby (fluffy + chubby, lol) since he didn't bring his wawa HAHA. oh well, he might get a little lonely. also bought him perks of being a wallflower, if ever he gets bored and decides to read something.

when he had a power nap, i decided to go around and i found book sale! if i weren't broke, i seriously would've bought A HELL LOT of back issues because they were all below 100 omg @-) I got myself Nylon, though, with Mila Kunis on the cover :D

good day. :)

it is now tuesday morning and i am still up, and i have a bloody passport appearance + a go see for a coke print ad later. i need to sleep soon (but you know, i'm wired to stay awake forever because i'm a fucking vampire)

...and i look like shit right now. i guess crying at 4 in the morning over the most morbid things was a bad idea. no actually, watching charlie st. clouds at this time is the worst idea ever. :|

morning lovelies
hope you have a lovely day


back from today.
yes i'm making this a double day post since not much is going on anyway.

just had our go see for a coke print ad.... and also a tvc. FFFUUUU
My brother didn't tell me about the commercial part :|
and we all know how much i hate acting and just seriously CAN'T ACT FOR SHIT.
like, at all :|

Bullshit, i can't believe i had to go through that, WITH MY MOM ON SET, GOOD LORD that just makes everything worse than it already was
I swear, I was so awkward (like i always am) but maybe more awkward than usual HAHAHA
always and forever going to be an awkward kid

i had to drink coke and act like i was inlove with it or something
and of course it came out awkward, i bet my acting (if you can even call it that) was as awkward as kristen stewart HAHAHA
whatever, i don't want to get cast for that, i made it patapon Hahaha

also felt quite disoriented today, i dunno @-) I feel so... meh~
anyway it was nice to see zhiela and loise, and possibly, hopefully and maybe PLANS MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN. at least that's something to look forward to

tomorrow is my orientation for la salle
i am actually quite excited! i cant wait to make new friends :)
college life, here i go!

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