Monday, May 16, 2011

56th Antioch Weekend

Currently as I am typing this, I am on an Antioch High.
would you believe it?
who knew i'd get the antioch high a weekend late?
even if i stayed only for a day, i definitely enjoyed my time there!
it was fun teaming and helping out and welcoming the candidates, being part of the god squad and participating in the renewal weekend :)
good job guys! you have made this weekend the best one yet! :)
i promise to participate more in this community and actually get to know more antiochers :)

Gah, my hands cannot create beautiful things for now. Sorry for the obvious lack of creativity in my posts lately. I'm also very sorry for the very crappy photos, I haven't had time to edit (AND I DONT HAVE PHOTOSHOP!!), fix my settings and I haven't been inspired. -__- Or maybe I'm so inspired, I just get too tamad. Labo. Hahaha.

Later lovelies. <3

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