Tuesday, May 10, 2011

college get up

my wardrobe cannot support my clothes for college, i swear =))
wearing civilian everyday is proving to be a challenge for me =))
Oh well, I need to make well use of my resources! After all, I only need the basic pieces and I can start from there. Just some mix and matching.

Made some looks on polyvore on how I imagine myself to dress on campus
I'm not too lean on the idea of dressing up too much since it is taft and it is sketchy, and i'll be commuting. I'll just be dressing up in a simple way
On days that I feel like being tall and confident, I shall wear wedges. Hahaha. Vests make you look extra neat too!

Blazers instantly make me look smart yet casual. ;)
Since it's rainy season, I'll be wearing alot of long sleeved tops.
On days that I might want to dress up just a bit, I might wear a bright top with a boyfriend polo and sneakers.
I really love this look. So simple and clean. I'd wear it on most days, if only I had boyfriend polo/blouses.
On days I feel kinda PANX (Haha) I will wear my boots (which is good since it's the rainy season!) and a simple top with skinny jeans. If I could, maybe I can even pair them with heels!
On lazy sunny/breezy days, I might wear loose/hanging tops, boyfriend jeans and sandals/flats.
There will be days that I will be wearing plaid. Hahaha.
On cold rainy days, I want to wear woven wool (?) tops
On a typical day, i'd be wearing a top, a cardigan and flats.

Also, the bag above is my dream college bag. @-) I need a big canvas bag! This bag is just too lovely. Anyone who knows where I can buy this please tell me! I'm going shopping for college stuff next week!

orientation in awhile.
later lovelies
wish me luck!

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