Saturday, April 30, 2011


Fun day in Intramuros with Zhiela! We were both depressed because we won't be traveling this summer and we are both SO TIRED of the city and all we want to do is just get away on a summer adventure somewhere far, far, away. It sucks because we couldn't go out of town instead we're stuck in the city and people are gay because plans never push through so we decided to go out and explore manila. It felt like we were in Europe!


Photography by: Zhiela
Modeling: Me (AHAHAHA jk)
Post Processing: Me

If I just want to have a good time, I know who exactly to call. I love how we both have the same passion and love for the arts, for life, for food, traveling, having fun, being spontaneous and adventurous, and simply just making the most out of everyday. I love how we both love learning and discovering new things. It's always a thrill when I'm with her. Here's to more summer adventures together! :D


This day was hella EPIC. EPIC OF ALL PROPORTIONS. In the morning, after marathoning Modern Family with my brother the whole night, I decided to sneak him out and treat him out to breakfast in Mcdo. I'm such a bad sister. HAHAHA. It was really fun though, we saw the sun rise, and we even got to go on a morning walk around the park!

The night got even MORE EPIC. So epic I can't talk about it. HAHAHA. But it totally counts as a night NEVER to be forgotten. Like, ever. Hahaha. I just want to say that the DJ was hella good, music and lights were crazy good and just EARGASMIC, good lord.

Here is me camwhoring before going to Seventh High lols k deal with it

Also, I forgot to mention that my camera's broken. :( But the timing couldn't be any more perfect. :> OHOHOHO.

Later lovelies! <3

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