Monday, May 30, 2011

back to school shopping!

the other day I went shopping with my mom for 'college stuff' Hahaha yeah right.
I bought the most random things and she didn't mind at all. Whoooo, shopping without the guilt. :> I bought so much stuff. Heeee.

Haul post:

Lots of cute journals/planners/post-its, colorful pens/markers, wallets/containers.
Candy and Chalk magazine (Watch out for Jo's spread!!), Bench body spray and hand sanitizer. Lol i forgot to include here the new set of handkerchiefs I bought.
Whooo best buy of the day. I've been wanting a satchel for the longest time now. Yes, it looks so fucking hipster Hahaha. I also needed wedges to make me look a little bit taller, lol.

Jo has a spread on the June issue of Chalk magazine by the way. Make sure to grab a copy! She looks absolutely gorgeous in her pictures. :)
It also features campus cuties and I actually recognize some of them! I think they're from my batch. :o

later lovelies!


  1. you got exactly the same planner!? :))

  2. LOL YEAH! i saw it then the others looked like crap so lol i got the one that looked like yours, unfortunately :c

  3. im your idol talaga noh :>