Saturday, May 7, 2011

summer skin

this was a wala lang shoot, k =))))
it was too last minute for me to even plan thus the spontaneity of the pictures
heck, im not even sure of my theme, labo Hahaha

Andy is a brilliant model heehee :> ginawa ko siyang hipster HAHA

just a practice shoot to warm me up for the next couple of shoots i will be planning soon ;)
please contact me by the way if you want me to shoot you, id love to HAHA this girl needs practice!! also sort of semi post processed the pictures. medyo lang Hahaha still need photoshop!! :|

photography: me
post processing: me
modeling: andy
styling: me and andy
hair and make up: andy


*pictures in shit quality, poorly saturated because of blogger :( PINOST KO SA FACEBOOK PARA MAKITA NIYO IN HD :>

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