Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hello, College.

Just finished 2 days of LPEP, or more of like, brainwashing and I still haven't been converted into a true Lasallian. Even the term seems more foreign than endearing to me. Forever a (bitter) Atenista talaga eh. Hahahaha. Sorry DLSU, you're gonna have to try harder to change this girl's allegiance. Faithful pa din sa ADMU eh. HAHAHA. Di na talaga pinakawalan. It's gonna take more than free food, things, friendly/hyper upperclassmen, and a welcoming program to get me to be one of you guys. I swear, major brainwashing. It's like they wanted to penetrate through my brain, fuck the insides so bad that I get convinced to love DLSU.

I'm not hatin' on my college though. They're okay.
I'm just a very bitter girl who still, upto now, hasn't accepted her fate. :'(

Here are some notes i've made about my LPEP experience over the past few days:
  1. There are cute guys on campus. THE LORD IS TESTING ME. HAHAHA. I'm kidding of course. It's a test of faithfulness, lol. Although, happy school crushes are fine. STALKING MIGHT BE A BIT OVERBOARD THOUGH HAHAHA. KIDDING. Just need a fine god-like boy to look and drool at from afar. AHAHAHA. I've always expected that I'd be free as a bird once I get to college and I was definitely excited by the idea of mingling with new guys, but that's not the case anymore. I used to look forward to finding someone in college, but I can't anymore. Although I am more than okay with it. It's nice to have someone at the end of the day.
  2. Anyway, I swear, we saw this cute guy in Itl' Studies and my blockmates all went APESHIT and super stalker mode, okay. Like, my gay friend was so funny. (YES I HAVE A GAY FRIEND! I LOVE IT!) =)))) He'd freak like hell everytime he saw him. AHAHAHA. The guys taken though... but it's okay, WE ALL JUST NEED SOMEONE TO LOOK AT. HAHAHA.
  3. Their chapel could definitely pass for the Hogwarts dining hall, just take out the pews. HAHAHA. My imagination, whuuuuut.
  4. I like La Salle's architecture, actually. It looks so... epic. I dunno. Hahaha. The environment inside is nice. Facilities look good, too.
  5. I miss conversing in English already. :( Majority of La Salle's population speak fluent tagalog and I suuuck at it. I mean, I can speak the language but It's not how I usually talk to people ya know? I'd have to get used to this. I've only found a select few people from my block who converse in English.
  6. Speaking of my block, they're pretty cool. I made friends instantly on the first hour because all of them were so friendly! I have fun with them. They remind me of Janna's group in CSA. =)) Hello, Chloe, Gelo, Djane, and Cams! My first friends. =))) I know most of my blockmates already, which is good.
  8. CENTENNIAL DANCE, FTW. It's fun though. I really like the choreo!! I love dancing it (yes judge me now) and I really want to learn and master it.
  9. Being frosh means being alone. I just realized that having a social life in College is harder than I thought it would be. Starting from scratch is proving to be a tough challenge for the awkward dork that I am. It's sort of hard finding people I can truly relate to, among these thousands of students. It's like starting from the bottom of the food chain to climb your way up the social hierarchy.
  10. It also doesn't help that NONE of my close friends are in my block, college or let alone, the same school. I have friends/ex-classmates that I talk to, sure. But really? No CSA support at all. :( I was lonely and friendless for those 2 days. :( I saw so many people with their friends from high school and it bummed me a bit because this time, I really was alone. Like, foreals. @-)
  11. College also means: new reputation and status. What are you gonna be? For now, I really haven't decided on what I want to be in here. I'm still a stranger to most people, still a hidden face in a sea of people, and I don't know which side of me to show them. I've yet to make a name for myself. I don't know what my first impression was like to my blockmates, but I hope it's good. Hahaha. I was one of the noisy/hyper people in class. =))
  12. College is a completely new and different experience, I can tell you that. It's not high school anymore. There's so much adjusting to be done in order to survive this place. It scares me a bit because I don't think I'm capable of being on my own in here just yet.
  13. There are so many people in college. So many that you won't have the privilege to meet each and every one of them. People say you have to network in college. I think I'll be having a difficult time with that. =))) There are so many new faces wanting to be seen and known, so many people you want to meet, you don't even know where to begin, or how to begin. It's like a realm of endless possibilities, a never-ending string of connections. You get excited at the thought of seeing these people for 3 years and finding your way into meeting as much of them as you can.
  14. I feel like I'll be a nobody in here. I wasn't exactly a big fish in a small pond in high school, but I wasn't a small one, either. I was okay. People knew my name. I participated in school events, singing with the choir and whatnot. But in here I feel invisible and alone. I feel like some friendless loser. Hahaha. But I guess that's what being a frosh is like. I think I'll go 'orgless' for now. I don't know. I feel like being inactive. I am feeling rather anti-social, which is ironic because I seriously have got to make some friends here. Shit, I do not want to be forever alone HAHAHA.
  15. Maybe I should have gone to CSB instead. I was pondering about that awhile ago. It seems that my type of crowd is in there. They get me you know? We share the same humor and love for art and life. We have common interests and things to talk about. And my friends are in there. At least i'll have a large group to be with during my stay there.
  16. I think I should join orgs. I take back what I said earlier. In order to make friends and connections here, I've got to be with people on common ground. I need to know people who share the same interests as I do, and they could help me improve my craft. Also, I get to make new friends I can relate to! These people will be my family in college, and they will help me with my career. As opposed to my club in high school which was chorale which meant complete exposure all the time, this time i've decided to go underground. I'll focus more on media, photography, graphic design and video making. Maybe i'll get a bit more active once I have adjusted.
  17. THERE ARE SO MANY FAMILIAR FACES HERE. I think most of them have been on candy cuties. =))) Or I might have already seen them IRL, on TV/print ads, or lurked in their facebook accounts. OHOHO. But I swear, some people here look srsly familiar.
  18. DLSU is legit strict with rules and I am a bit intimidated, k. I always obey rules and all but that's because rules in high school didn't really seem legit. Teachers would always let you get away with it. But in here, it's like they're looking out for every single move you do. I'm too scared to make a minor offense, more so a major one. And the corresponding consequences are a hassle. So much has to be done. They're so strict you'd have to conform with the rules and live with it.
  19. Still haven't memorized this place yet. I will get lost. @-) I will, though, eventually. I like exploring new places and discovering my way with things.
  20. TAFT IS A SCARY AND SKETCHY PLACE, okay. Everyone looks like they're creepin' on yo ass, or maybe you're just paranoid. Well I know I am. But you can't be too sure right? I've heard countless stories of stealing and killing here. Ohgahd. This will suck for someone who commutes like me. It's like having your safety on the line everyday. :| I've already requested my mom to get me pepperspray. Srsly, taft scares the shit out of me.
  21. Also, commuting is a bitch. I mean, I like it sometimes, but there will be days wherein i'm too tired, or it's too hot, or it's raining like hell, and it's just ONE BIG HASSLE for me. :| My sched is really chill so I hope commuting won't make it less chill for me. :|
  22. LPEP was a great experience though! La Salle really prepared well for it. It was well thought of and organized. They definitely made it fun, interesting and memorable for the froshies. (Still don't know why it's 'frosh' upto now) Everyone really made group effort in putting together an event like this. It is definitely something to look forward to!
So far those have been my insights on college life for the past few days.
Wish me luck here, lovelies!

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