Monday, April 25, 2011

Junior Master Chefs!

After 5 days of not seeing Gab, I finally got to hang out with him! Yay. We ordered pizza and watched Flipped (my 2nd time, still such a cute movie!) and Pleasantville which was really cool. I had to leave really early to spend some time with my siblings though. Aw. :\

Last night, my brother was talking about how much he wanted to be a chef when he grows up.
And since he caught the pox and is not allowed to go out, I thought of cooking with him so we can be more productive here at home.

Thus, me and the kids cooked up a meal today.
We made spaghetti, pancakes and buko pandan. Mmm. :>

The aspiring chef

The junior master chefs :> OHOHO

Our little helper :) Haha

DEEP FRIED OREOS FAIL. HAHA. But then I made them the second time around and they turned out great. :)

Pancakes that look like omelette. Hahaha.

Our spaghetti! It was...edible. Kidding! Haha. It was pretty good for 3 kitchen noobs. Hahaha.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble!

Buko Pandan!

I am currently trying to fix my sleeping habits. 2 HOURS OF SLEEP. @-) Hope you all had a great monday!

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