Wednesday, April 20, 2011

jamie oliver

yesterday we made pasta at Gab's house
we didn't follow any recipe because he's stubborn and he likes to cook in his own way (cool siya eh)
I don't know what exactly we made but lol it was okay
I kinda wish we followed a recipe though, I mean that was the point of me trying to cook anyway. Hahaha. I promised myself to learn how to cook 3 meals + bake 3 things this summer.

Here is Gab fumifeeling Jamie Oliver. Hahaha.
I got our batch souvenir that day too. Finally. It's hella epic and it glows in the dark. Cool batch namin eh. It was kinda sad going back to my Alma Mater again though. Everything was empty and I guess it left me feeling empty, too.

How hardworking. Hahahaha. I was pretty much just bumming around the whole time. YES, SO MUCH FOR TRYING TO COOK. 'Try' being the operative word here. Hahaha.

It doesn't look appealing in pictures but I can say our pasta turned out well. It was made out of love. ULOL JOKE LANG HAHAHA

Gab was fumifeeling Jamie Oliver so he experimented and made deep fried potatoes. YES POTATOES HAHAHAHA [Inside joke]

Overall, the meal was satisfying pero medyo nakakaumay. Hahaha. Ohwell, I will improve the next time. Hahaha.

Rest of the afternoon/night was spent watching Due Date and Chuck & Larry. Ate out in UCC Park Cafe after. It's pretty chill there.

I had chicken teriyaki + this almond roca white chocolate cheesecake shake. Mmmm.

Now it's holy week and I'm stuck at home.
Of course I made a list of things to do to prevent me from rotting in here.
Seriously, why aren't we traveling for the Holy Week! Everyone is out on vacation and it's unfair. :( I'm so lonely here huhuhu.

Anyways, I should look forward to the weeks to come. I've got a month before college life starts, and it will be HELL. I've got to make sure this summer will be worth the shit college will throw at me. Hahaha. I wish to spend the time with the bros (ROADTRIP NA PLZ), DAMZL and everyone else. I am back to making plans and making shit happen!

There's this internship Bayo is offering. I've been wanting an internship for this summer, but I don't think it's the right one for me. Plus, I'll be too busy having fun (hopefully)
If you want to know what I did today... well I pretty much just watched Going the Distance and got 2 new DVDs: Paper Heart and The Last Song.

Uneventful life is uneventful.

Here's to the rest of the summer!
May your holy week be lovely. :)

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