Thursday, April 21, 2011


Only posting to plug. Hahaha.
I finally made the garage sale possible thanks to Mr. Naval. :D
It's my first time to actually arrange an event and it feels fulfilling in a way. Hahaha.

I think I'm too excited. Hahaha. I really like making things happen. I think I should be in the events career, lol.

I think I got too addicted making those promotional posters. It's too amusing and fun, lol.
Anyways, I hope it will be a success! I want to make some moolaaahhh! I will be the best businesswoman ever. Loljk.

Lots of planning, we've got a week to arrange it! I must call for a meeting soon though, and drop by Tom's place to see how it looks. I need to set the place up and whatnot. TEAM GARAGE SALE shall be manning their own booths and make money on their own. THE COMPETITION WILL BE FIERCE~ Lol. I really, really, really hope lots of people go. I'm going to be preparing alot. I think. Hahaha. Let's just hope everyone cooperates and make this happen.

I'm actually thinking of like, putting a photobooth on. Hahaha. YES I WILL LET THEM ABUSE MY MACBOOK, LOOOOOOL. All for the sake of business. Bitches better buy something. Of course there will be complimentary snacks and a summer playlist playing in the background.

It would suck to go to a garage sale that barely has shit in it so to my sellers I tell you, SELL EVERYTHING. SELL ALOT = MORE MONEY FOR NEW STUFF.

I think this is all.
My life's been on a Eat-Sleep-Repeat cycle since it's holy week.
Can't wait for things to pick up starting next week!


  1. Ara!!!i hope this goes well:) i miss you and Andy!:>CIAO

  2. GOOD JOB. Hope everyone ends up stinking rich after. :)) Good luck with the event! Dude, you could be an event planner/manager. Like, those people with clipboards preparing weddings and fashion shows and stuff. Those people get a LOT of perks and get payed GOOD MONEY.

  3. Ty: TY!!! I MISS YOU!! PLEASE GO!! Andy and I will be selling! Baka may hipster stuff kang magustuhan. Hahaha.

    Vivian: HAHAHAHA I was thinking about that nga eh. =))) MAY FUTURE. B-) Dude please go!! :( :( :( Tryyyy.

  4. I wish I could go alksdlajsdl my mom fired our driver because we had to make sacrifices. [running low on cash] Good luck with the garage sale tho.

  5. Mia. :( Aw. Well we'll throw one in the paranaque area and see if you can come.