Saturday, April 23, 2011

good saturday

today we went to SM to shop for furniture and appliances for my brother and his fiance's new apartment.
Tiring, but yeah, I got to exercise my very lazy bones. I swear I felt like shit when I woke up. @-)
I got my nails done, too! They're so pretty. Aaahhh. :'D

Green with Envy. :> OHOHO.

I kinda wish I got a foot spa too, goddamn. :| But we lacked time. So. :(
Ate in Kenny Rogers then we went to visit baby audrey. MOST ADORABLE BABY EVER <333

Blurred picture is blurred. Sorreh.

Went to high street after and ate in Brothers Burger + Yogurt from White Hat. I feel so fat. I really need to start jogging, gah. Effing lazy bones. There was a stations of the cross thing too. It was pretty cool.
THEN DUN DUN DUN. D: I saw the Teen Vogue Hand Book and good lord, I just needed to have it so I grabbed it and ran to my mom and HALLELUJAH, SHE BOUGHT IT! IT IS A GOOD SATURDAY! Hahaha.

Now, I just got home and MY SIBLINGS ARE HEREEEE!! <33333. Aaaahh, I've missed them so much! Funny, I posted about missing them just yesterday! Now we're just marathoning Avatar. Hahaha.

...Can't wait to eat the burger + cookies waiting for me in the fridge. I am such a cow.
.....And I can't wait to have my CANON 1100D!!! :D *crosses fingers*

Lalala. Happy ara is happy. I can't wait for the weeks to come! Roadtrip with the guys, bonding with girls, my garage sale and lots more! :)
Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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