Saturday, July 23, 2011

When North meets South. :)

Just like that spongebob song. Hahaha.

What a lovely day with my blockmates. We all went to CCP for Cinemalaya and watched Ang Babae sa Septic Tank. I had a great time!

Some of us walked, and some of rode pedicabs while it was raining. It was bananas!! Hilarious I tell you! Commuting with my blockmates = lulz ftw.

I swear I punched Martha's face with my umbrella HAHAHAAHA. It was so cramped inside that bloody pedicab with Dan, Cams and Martha! Really funny though. My umbrella turned inside out and I went all batshit crazy about it HAHAHAAHAHA. I was like akdhsjkfshfjksf my umbrella's hitting cars...and martha's face!! =)))
FINALLY made it to CCP. Hahaha.

Ang Babae sa Septic Tank was hilarious! I was laughing like a retarded seal, I swear to god lol tears. =)) I loved it!

Dan's game face. The birthday boy sure is excited for his little adventure!
The bus rideee! Wheee! Hahaha it was my first time to commute via bus by the way. :))
WE MADE IT. First time to go to Alabang Town Center too! I was such a happy child...
So happy I had to take a jump shot right at the heart of ATC. WAHAHHAHAHA. Why yes, I was hyper as fuck. =))
lol you guise. North people are noobs, lol. They toured us around the mall like we were uncivilized people HAHAHA. IT WAS SO FUNNY. =)))) they were totally mocking us, okay. WE ARE NOT HOMOSAPIENS, K. WHY YES, WE KNOW WHAT A TRASH CAN IS. WE KNOW TOPSHOP TOO. BADTRIP. HAHAHAHA!

And this is the part where everyone disowns me.... HAHAHA. I dont know what the hell i was thinking but i was just so hyper and happy i decided to.... plank. AHAHAHAHAHHA

Fun day! I love you guys so much! Absolutely cannot wait for our North/South invasions and adventures soon! Wheee!

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