Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fiama Fresh Fridays!

Partied in Fiama last friday night! Eh, I tried experimenting with party pictures since I want to be an official events/party photographer someday, lol. I liked my first setting but I kept on changing and playing with my settings thus the other pictures aren't as good. :c I shall improve the next time! I swear my pictures will look very ~tugstugstugs~ with the party lights and all. *___*

Raise your glass!

Finally got to taste Tequila Rose! I've always wanted to since they said it tasted good... Well it was okay. BETTER THAN TEQUILA, AT LEAST. =))) Either way, it's alcohol so bleurgh, still horrible. Hahaha.

Met two new friends that night - Steph & Carmela! They are so nice and so much fun to talk to! I wish to hang out with them more. :D
Going crazy on the dancefloooooooor!!

Uh. Well this is awkward. =)) Well. You know. We were in a corner. And there was a wall. So we danced with the wall...... K HAHAHA.
Thursday Crew!
Vitt looks like a duck. I look like I was having a good time... because I was! HAHAHA. Maybe I was hit, or maybe the party was just too good, i don't even know lol.

Thank you Blue Babble for letting us share tables! Ateneo people are so much fun!
I loved dancing and letting loose! The DJ was CRAZY GOOD! Sick music, sick crowd, sick party, sick time!
Around 3AM, me and the boys decided to have a spontaneous roadtrip to Tagaytay. HAHAHAHA. And guess what we ended up doing... WE BOUGHT SNACKS IN SEVEN ELEVEN. DUDE, THERE ARE LIKE SO MANY SEVEN ELEVEN BRANCHES IN MAKATI BUT WE WENT TO TAGAYTAY INSTEAD. HAHAHAHAHA.

Blurry picture is blurry because the driver doesn't know anything about taking pictures, lol.

We got home when the sun was rising already.
And I had school at 8AM. HAHA.
Always going to have an EPIC time whenever i'm with the Thursday Crew. :>

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