Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let's Get Physical!

We had our block pictorial today and my block chose 'aerobics' as our theme. It's supposedly a contest and the best block wins like free pizza or something. :)) I HOPE WE WIN HAHAHA. I love our theme! It's so much like our block! Fun, colorful and lively! I also loved how our boys put effort into their costumes. How adorableeee! Hahaha!

Lookbook! What I wore:

-Neon tops from Forever 21
-Rainbow colored socks from.... Canada! :O
-Black Converse Sneakers with Neon Pink shoelaces
-Headband from Bazaar
-Jeggings!!! Hahahaha

Warm up before the shoot! Let's get physical! Hahaha!

With Kat! Hihihi love my ENGLCOM seatmate. :)
The funniest tandem in our block! lovelovelove!! They go along just like peanut butter and jelly. :-)

I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!!!! She's very fun to bully. >:) Hahahaha

Headed to Bernards afterwards so I can shoot his model thingymajig.
Bernard fed me Mac n' Cheese. Mmm. I was such a noob. I didn't know how to make it. Hahaha. Bernard is awesome, he kept on feeding me so much awesome food, lol.
I just found this so cute! Hahaha. I wouldn't expect this coming from Bernard. =))))

I also shot some pictures of Pat for her lookbook. :) Pretty girl. :)

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