Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friday Adventures

What an EPIC friday night!

After class, I commuted to Ateneo to... I don't even know, I just did. Hahaha. Spent a lovely afternoon there and stole a cup. /BADASS HAHAHA.
Went to Kops' place after to chill for awhile and to get ready for Futurama, an Atenean orgs' social night. YES FUMEFEELING ATENISTA ULIT AKO, OKAY. =)) Lol I don't even know why I let Kops and Vitt drag me all the way there, but it's okay, like I have anything better to do on a friday night, lol.

So there I was crashing an Atenean org's social night and I see Zhiela. HAHAHA. I love it. I felt badass because I just snuck in without even paying, lol. And the fact that I am in an ~enemy's~ territory is just so... Hahaha. I was nervous at first during registration because I had to bullshit my name, course, ID number and whatnot. I WAS SO READY ALREADY, DUDE. Like, my name would be Shaniqua or some shit and I'd be from BFA ID (dream course *___*) Block E2, ID 111442. :> Whattup! :)) But then I just went inside LIKE A BOSS and never looked back. OHOHOHO. =))
Then it just keeps on getting funnier. We were bored by the middle of the program so we decided on leaving and going to East to hang or something. But then kopio had a more genius idea - crash Lao's place. HELL YEAH. So we walked out Corinthian Garden and discovered that getting a taxi was impossible. :| Then by some strange coincidence, the MRT passes by and I'm like GUYS LET'S COMMUTE TO LAO'S PLACE. They agreed and we had to walk all the way to Ortigas station fffuuuu I die. =)) It was hilarious, getting Vitt and Kops to commute with me. =)) We were walking EDSA and they were both so amused by it. =)) They died when they found out they even walked past Poveda already HAHAHA noobs.

Thank god we were able to make it on the last train since it was already 10pm. Imagine their JOY when we reached the station. HAHAHA. Noobs. It was their first time to ride the train, hihi.
When we got down Ayala, we walked all the way to Urdaneta village. omg death. We were so exhausted we called Lao to walk out of his village with like 2 pitchers of water and iced tea. HAHAHAHA. Found our way to his house, thank god and I fell asleep on his bed. /DEAD
no, it's funny actually, we went all the way to Lao's house to watch a fucking pokemon movie WHAT IS MY LIFE!! =))

Lao invited me to sleepover and I really wanted to but I felt like I was too haggard I had to go home and get my shit together. next timeeee!
Fun night, lol.

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