Thursday, July 21, 2011

UAAP & Fiamma!

DLSU VS. ATENEO GAME! Intense! The tickets ran out in 10 SECONDS online, i'm not even kidding! So me and my blockmates went on an adventure to get tickets in Araneta the other day, but still, FAIL. Then a scalper sold us Upper B tickets on the day itself for 200 which was a pretty good price already actually!

This be Renz, our very determined blockmate. He was so stubborn he did EVERYTHING just to get tickets. Hahaha. How cute, Renz!

Cheered non-stop for La Salle. The Pep Squad was so hyperrrr! We kept on cheering throughout the whole game! I wonder why the drummers never get tired!
The players soon came out and started playing. Kirk loooong! Hahaha. I suddenly got reminded of all the college fantasies I once had in high school. I wanted to get in Ateneo with all my friends from outside school and I'd find myself the perfect boyfriend who was insanely good looking and he had stellar grades and he played basketball for UAAP. HAHAHAHA. I was a very delusional girl, you see. Those dreams are so far away now, and in fact, it's the complete opposite - I'm in DLSU, my dream school's archenemy, and my boyfriend of 2 months dumped me and now I am single/forever alone. Wow, sad. Hahaha. It won't stop me from dreaming though. =)) I just found it funny how things happen so differently from my expectations. Sigh.

Our place was pretty good, actually. The view was just alright.

The Pep Squad starting giving out those balloon thingies.

HALF TIME! GO PEP! I find it funny that two of my friends are part of the DLSU Pep Squad and the Ateneo Blue Babble.
So after rounds of screaming and cheering and frustration, we lost. TAMBAK. HAHAHA.

The Ateneans celebrating their victory. What a glorious moment. I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. Okay, i'm kidding.
And of course we had our turn to sing for our alma mater. HAIL TO DE LA SALLEEEE. Still proud to be a LaSallian, k.

Thanks for watching my first UAAP game with me Nicole, Gen, Bene, Ian and Renz!

We went to Gen's house after to get ready for Stellar, Santugon's frosh acquaintance party in Fiamma.

Danced all night! Ended up sleeping over at Gen's with Bene and Madi HAHAHAHA. It was the funniest shit ever! So spontaneous! We took Nicole home and it was so creepy, I swear! Hahaha! We got lost around her village and it was isolated ahdaskjdhsjkgdhkf.
Found our way back and omg Bene is such a girl!! He slept in the same room as us HAHAHA. Funny shit. =)) Spent the sunday watching tv in Gen's bedroom. Too lazy to go home.

Thanks for a great time, guys!

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