Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Double Debut!

Lobim's Renaissance themed debut!
Cool kid.

My pretty dress hihihi.
Bryan's outfit was hilarious.
With Miggy! I have not seen this boy in ageeeees!!
Fail lookbook shot by Kops. ohwell. this will do, lol.

With camille, the debutante!
Camille is one of the tallest girls I know... or maybe i'm just rly short fml
Met new people from Miriam College that night. :)
Stephen has a weird creepy face here, lulz.

Then we got bored and did stupid poses for the camera

Cupcaaaaakes! :)
Bad Boy Sison driving us around La Vista. Crazy. I died, lol.
We all felt so infinite and aliiiiiiive. Hahaha. Night drives are fucking awesome. I felt invincible. Heck, I didn't even care if we crashed into a post or a gutter anymore!
Badass. I swear to God, we didn't see a hump on the road, the car almost flipped over but we didn't careeee HAHAHA
Full speeeeeeeed. What fun. I trust Vick though. He's a pretty good (sober) driver.
Epic nights with the Thursday Crew.

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