Friday, June 24, 2011

drunken karaoke night

despite typhoon falcon happening, i decided to push through with my plan of having drunken karaoke night. Dude, I feel like 'the blitz' because I keep on missing out on my bros' drunken karaoke nights with Miggy as the star. HAHAHA. So much for that.

We had dinner in Chili's.
YES I FUCKING DO. My face it's so.... derp. HAHAHA.

I got in for FREE(!!!!) thanks to my awesome planner. :> I didn't have to pay 500 HAHAHA.

Birthday drinks. They didn't have my birthday drink though. :c
Stephen said the first round was on him. Thank you!!!
...and more rounds. Hahaha. Thank you for treating me out guys. I didn't have to pay for my drinks BWAHAHA. >:)
Singing with the very talented lao. :>
...On the floor. :| =)) I think this was after hitting my head on the speakers. So much for wanting to be a diva. HAHAHAH.

thank you Stephen, Kevin and Lao for making it. :D
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. ;)

I wasn't wasted or anything though. Maybe a bit tipsy/hit. Well, that was what I was aiming for anyway. HAHAHA. I just know that everything and everyone was spinning spinning spinning and I was dizzy dizzy dizzy lalalalalalala. I swear, I was singing such sawi songs. HAHAHAHA.

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