Friday, June 24, 2011

DLSU @ 100!

The one day I am proud to be a LaSallian. HAHAHA.
DLSU celebrated its' 100 years last June 16.
Us, the froshies (the centennial batch), had to learn 'Live it Up' for a 'flash mob'
My block was selected to be one of the blocks to dance in Unang Hirit!
WHHOOOOO EXPOSURE. HAHAHA. It was so much fun. We were all there by 5AM and we danced til' 8am. FUN FUN FUN. HAHAHAHA. I enjoyed it.

Candid. Me being emo in a corner. HAHAHA.
Pinagtripan pa talaga ako. Badtrip. Hahaha.
Presh's feather earrings!!!! I was supposed to buy them asdkshdkasjhd!!!
Chilling in Ian's dorm. FUNNEST PART OF THE DAY. =))) We were all cramped in her bed, had a power nap, singing our hearts out to the most RANDOM songs, soundtriiiiip!! and playing truth or dare. FUNNIEST. SHIT. EVER. Dude, SUPER LAUGHTRIP. =)))))
We found this poor little kitty in Agno. D'awww! Gelo is very caring. :))

I am ashamed because I have no ~legit~ DLSU shirt.... yet.
Dan is a taft guy because he wears green. =))
With Renz, Winnie the Pooh/President of da world!! Hahahahaha

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