Wednesday, June 8, 2011

attempt in drawing

I haven't been drawing for the loooooooongest time but seeing Melissa Bailey's illustrations just inspired me so much. @-) I seriously have to brush on my drawing. I can't be stuck drawing anime forever. :| As much as possible, I want to change my style of drawing. I'm trying (note the word TRYING) to practice 'realism' now. Well, ish. =)))

Anyway, this has been my attempt so far.
I also enjoyed taking pictures of inanimate objects. HAHAHA.
Aaahh, I love how I can manage to edit pictures even without photoshop. :))

Also, today I was bored during Critical Thinking class so....=))
The scanner didn't do justice to my drawing, k. :| like for the 'day' part of my drawing it was colored neon yellow! and in my opinion my drawings actually look better
I've yet to work on body proportions tho :\


  1. guys have a "critical thinking" class? :))

    DUDE. I love that pencil shavings picture. :O And the drawings in the third picture. Good job. :D

  2. HAHA thank you i was bored =))

    ...and yes we do. @-) remember that INTENSE critical thinking part in the entrance exam? Hahaha