Sunday, June 5, 2011

Double Debut

so last saturday, DAMZL celebrated Denise and Loise's 18th birthday! We actually had this really epic plan that was going to take place in Rizal, but plans were canceled last minute, sadly. :( It would've been really nice there, and I was looking forward to have one last summer hurrah (even if school already started 2 weeks ago) but nonetheless, things turned out okay in EK. Nichie has not gone to the place since she was 10 so you can say that she had a good time. As for me, it's been my 3rd consecutive week in EK. @-) I probably won't go there for the next few years. =)) Also, did I mention that the weather was great? It would've been perfect for a road trip! Aaahhh.

The two lovers meet. =)) Apparently, some Antioch people were there, too! :O

I wanted a gay dolphin. :(

After EK, we headed to Mia's house to surprise Denise. HEHEHE. I will just say that it was very intense and tears were involved. =))) Such a success, though! It was also spontaneous that we snuck out to party at Fiama after since it was already Loise's 18th by that time. Thank you Vick. =)))) I CONQUERED MY ONE TEQUILA FLOOR EXPERIENCE. =))) I'm proud to say that I wasn't at the slightest bit hit. Some were though. :> OHOHO. Heh, it was fun going crazy (although we did attract alot of attention).

Also, Kevin is back from Europe! He got me these really cool and old post cards from Venice and they are legit, yo. Hay, that guy is lucky being able to travel around the world. :'(

Now I am tired and I have a quiz to study for, ugh. DNW school tomorrow. :\
Later lovelies!

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